Athletic Body Program

We’re here to take people from all walks of life to the highest possible level of fitness and performance.

Level Up

means transforming your body into an optimally performing machine.



During this phase you will be closely evaluated and put into a program that challenges them effectively. You will be taught and reminded of neglected fundamentals.

Before advancing athletes, it is very important to be sure you fully understand what your strengths and weaknesses are.

We will analyze your performance and direct you on the path to becoming successful.

Also during this phase a series of tests will be constantly performed on you in order to set benchmarks and/or goals for each athlete and set a good foundation on fundamentals in the strength training areas as well as teaching drills so they are done in a proper fashion.


During this phase you will be closely evaluated on your performance based on what you learned in phase I.

This is when the body begins to respond based on fundamentals learned in the previous phase. There will be more emphasis on agility, dynamic movements and balance.

Athletes require excellent balance to change speed and direction which is one of the areas we emphasize.


During this phase you will be closely evaluated on your explosive power.

You will start to notice better speed and balance as a result of the previous phases and will now be stronger and better prepared to complete more intense exercises that will help with your ability to become faster, stronger, and jump higher.

Speed, strength and agility are three areas that are targeted in our program.

Our phases will help improve our young athletes as well as develop the skills they will to need to go from being just a player to becoming a great prospect as well being a pro to becoming an all pro.


A lot of our professional and upper collegiate athletes will enter our program around a Level IV scale. At this point in your training we will build a LEVEL IV program based on where your physical abilities currently stand.

During this phase, the drills and training will be conducted at a very rapid pace. You will be challenged to perform at a very high level based on your explosion and skill sets that you’ve developed over time.

You will develop gears of speed and explosion that will enable you to advance your game to a very high level.



We’re here to take people from all walks of life to the highest possible level of fitness and performance.

  • Improves Core – by constantly focusing on your core during this program you will notice your mid-section start to increase in strength and tighten as well.
  • Improves Balance -by focusing on your core your balance will improve as well. The mid-section plays a big factor in determining how well your body balances. It is considered your nucleus.
  • Stimulates Weight Loss -because the exercise and routines are designed and formulated to keep your heart rate u, your body will burn a large amount of calories if done correctly. This will help stimulate your weight loss as well as inches.
  • Improves Strength – as the core gets stronger and your other muscles groups begin to get stronger your overall body will show good strength gains.
  • Develops Muscles Tone -By doing the cross x core training and following the program, the body will start to tone up and look leaner because of the reps and high pace training.
  • Improves Cardio Vascular System -because cardio is such a key ingredient in the system, your cardio vascular system in general will show great improvements.
  • Improves Muscular Endurance -As your cardio improves and muscles are trained properly, your overall muscular endurance and stamina will improve as well.
  • Takes Pressure Off Back -strengthening the core will help take a lot of pressure off your back as well. The abdominals and back work together to stabilize your body.
  • Eliminates Hard To Reach Areas – the movements in the program are designed to cut the fat away on the hard to reach areas of the body. Especially in women. i.e. back area. Inner thigh. Behind the arms. Etc.