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Nutrition is important to everyone for proper functioning of the body.

This includes all levels of fitness from the everyday person to the pro athlete, although in the athlete this may make a huge difference in meeting their personal goals and may be a game changer.

If the athlete does not have the proper energy, nutrients, and hydration, the body will become fatigued and performance will be suboptimal. The body cannot obtain optimal fitness or sports performance if proper nutrition is not being consumed.

At Level Up Fitness the Dietitian/Nutritionist works together with the trainers to formulate the best individual sports nutrition plan based on training and athlete goals while constantly being on the edge of new science. This helps each athlete achieve the highest level possible of fitness and performance to be the best that they can be.

The Sports Nutrition Performance Consult is highly personalized depending on the client’s needs.

Initial consult and follow up consults may include this and more:
  • Body Scan Fit3D analysis and interpretation

  • Individual assessment of diet, body composition and energy balance for performance and goals.

  • Review and assess of 3-day diet history.

  • Counseling of optimal nutrition for exercise training, competition, recovery from exercise, weight management, hydration, immunity, disordered eating, travel and supplementation.

  • Tournament, combine and travel performance nutrition, including altitude.

  • Evaluation and plan to achieve goal body mass, fat and muscle for health, fitness and sports performance.

  • Hydration protocols for particular training and sport.

  • Addresses nutritional challenges to sports performance and solutions.

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy as needed.

  • Counsels athletes on optimal nutrition for recovery from illness/injury.

  • Evaluates nutritional supplements (For example: collegiate NCAA approved or pro level).

  • Collaboration with team, trainer, coach, physician as needed.

  • Provides educational materials as needed.

  • Meal plans as needed to meet goals and fitness/sports performance.

  • Evaluation of labs if available.

  • Grocery list, meal prep ideas, recipes, resources, review of food logging and much more.

  • Continued assessment of needs on follow up consults to meet each level of fitness and performance goal.

Dietitian Consultation Pricing:


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