Body Transformation

We’re here to take people from all walks of life to the highest possible level of fitness and performance.

Level Up

means transforming your body into an optimally performing machine.



The first level of fitness identifies where you are at. When you begin our program, we will do an in dept analysis on your body. The fit 3d scanner will measure your body fat percentage, your postural analysis, as well as your measurements in terms of inches on your body parts. Our goal is to get you in shape to get in shape. During level I we will determine what type of program works best for you. During this phase we will make sure your body gets the attention necessary so that we are able to execute your goal related program at a maximum level. During level I will also focus on your flexibility as well as your conditioning. As stated, our goal is to get you in shape to get in shape.


Now that we have accessed your goals as well as identified the right program to help you reach Level 4 status, we will now execute the workouts and routines at a higher level so that we are able to properly break the muscles down and work you out so that your body responds to the previous things we have done to get you to the level 2 point. During this phase we will execute the things we taught you in level I of our program. We will start to put it all together from flexibility, proper form, to corrective exercising. Now that the muscles are properly conditioned from phase I, we can now work them at a level in which we need to to stimulate an effective transformation.


During the third level of our program the client will begin to see the changes in the body. The workouts are changed at a faster rate to prevent the body from plateauing during the transformation process. This is the level that will give you a lot of self-fulfillment when you look in the mirror because the changes are easily depicted. During level three we will be able to compare our measurements as well as our overall performance as far as the workouts go. Although we will constantly do these things throughout the whole program, at this time they will show drastic change compared to Level 1. This level will be very challenging because you are now at a point to where everything matters more than ever because you are approaching Level 4 status.


During this level the body will have completed the total transformation process. Physically this will be a very challenging level because your workouts are now advanced at its highest level before we formulate our new goals. Once we have transformed the body, now we will focus on perfecting it as well as fine tuning our program. Now that you have reached level four we will have the opportunity to sit down and identify new goals for your new journey in life with your new body. Our team looks forward to helping you reach level 4 status with your body!


We’re here to take people from all walks of life to the highest possible level of fitness and performance.

  • Improves Core – by constantly focusing on your core during this program you will notice your mid-section start to increase in strength and tighten as well.
  • Improves Balance -by focusing on your core your balance will improve as well. The mid-section plays a big factor in determining how well your body balances. It is considered your nucleus.
  • Stimulates Weight Loss -because the exercise and routines are designed and formulated to keep your heart rate u, your body will burn a large amount of calories if done correctly. This will help stimulate your weight loss as well as inches.
  • Improves Strength – as the core gets stronger and your other muscles groups begin to get stronger your overall body will show good strength gains.
  • Develops Muscles Tone -By doing the cross x core training and following the program, the body will start to tone up and look leaner because of the reps and high pace training.
  • Improves Cardio Vascular System -because cardio is such a key ingredient in the system, your cardio vascular system in general will show great improvements.
  • Improves Muscular Endurance -As your cardio improves and muscles are trained properly, your overall muscular endurance and stamina will improve as well.
  • Takes Pressure Off Back -strengthening the core will help take a lot of pressure off your back as well. The abdominals and back work together to stabilize your body.
  • Eliminates Hard To Reach Areas – the movements in the program are designed to cut the fat away on the hard to reach areas of the body. Especially in women. i.e. back area. Inner thigh. Behind the arms. Etc.