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During this phase we will closely evaluate the client to ensure the correct measures of training are conducted. We will require a physical examination before you begin the program as we want to make sure that we are able to assist and work safely with any pre-existing medical conditions. Our Physical Therapist and Fitness trainers will team up with you to set achievable wellness goals. During your second visit, you will participate in a Fit 3d body assessment. During this assessment we will capture several images of your body and measure body posture, body fat percentage, bone density and much more. During the second visit, you will also be evaluated by an experienced Physical Therapist. The PT evaluation will include a review of body systems, take baseline vital signs, a musculoskeletal and neurological exam including balance. We will discuss the findings of the exam and direct you in your next steps. Our goal during Level I is to gain more flexibility and facilitate proper posture and a stable balanced base of support in which to advance further training. We will also teach you how to modify certain exercises in order to prevent Injury. Our staff will monitor your activity and frequently evaluate your progress both inside the gym and with your activities of day living. With the help of our well-trained staff, you will learn how to properly do static stretching during phase I. Once you gain the proper posture, flexibility and efficient movement patterns, then you will be able to move into Level II.


Now that we have established a series of test and measurements, as well as built a foundation for your program, it is now time to enter the next phase of level Up training. During Level I the client learns proper exercises that he/she can do that caters to their needs. They also learn how to properly perform static exercises. Now that we have formulated a program of proper stretching and exercise development, it is now time to put the two components together. This is an exciting Level because the client will be able to perform exercises and stretches at a combined level in a program that is solely built to cater to their Wellness goals. During level 2 , we will conduct a series of testing to determine what we have gained by implementing the exercises and stretches we have developed for the clients’ body. We will begin to challenge the client by creating specialized combinations of exercises and movements that focus on balance and mobility. Once we have achieved the desired results from the client in terms of balance and mobility we will then move into functional training with emphasis on musculoskeletal strength and endurance . Now that we have the correct muscles firing at the proper time. it is now time to move on to Level III of the Gerontology Program.


It is important that the previous Levels are met and properly executed because now the client is entering the next phase of their new body. Our clients are now beginning to recognize they are performing movements that they were in incapable of in the previous phases. Our Level Up Fitness System is designed to bring the client to his/ her maximum functional level at any age. During Level III we will focus on increasing the combinations of workouts that we developed for the client. Our goal is to now challenge the client and put more emphasis on the conditioning phase of training. Level III is an important step to the client because it was created to maximize functional independence and renewed strength needed in every stage of life. This will be the phase where the client is able to challenge their body and advance into a more physical challenging program. The minor dynamic stretching will prepare the client as well as help the heart and other organs that play a major role in survival and adding longevity to the clients’ life span.


The transformation is now in the final stages of development and completion. Level IV is the most challenging yet rewarding level that the client will experience. The client will be challenged to perform their exercises and routines at the maximal level that challenges their body. The levels will only be conducted in congruence with the clients’ ability to perform the movements in a safe manner. Phase IV is important because the staff will formulate routines that challenge the clients heart as well as help establish interval levels of training. During level IV we will focus on all the components that complete the transformation of the new functional body. The exercise that we formulate will focus on muscle strength, balance, coordination, joint function, and endurance. All of which, we have covered throughout the course of the program. The exercises are now advanced yet parallel with the clients’ ability to do them based upon the aspect of customization. Your complete Gerontology program has been customized to fit your needs. Now that you have a new body, it is now time to enjoy life again.

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