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We’re here to take athletes and individuals to the highest possible level of fitness and performance. Level Up means transforming your body into an optimally performing machine.

During Level I of the glute and ab development program our instructor(s) will develop the right movements that are appropriate for the body depending on the client’s body type. First, we will place the client on the Fit 3D Scanner to get an accurate read of their posture. The postural analysis report will help the staff develop the proper exercises that will engage the glutes so that the client’s results are maximized. We will also focus on flexibility as well as conditioning so that the client is not at high risk for injury. SAFETY FIRST. Many stability exercises will be included in the program so that we ensure that the lower back is stable enough to be able to handle workloads in the future. We will give clients proper reasoning behind our exercises so that they fully understand our process of developing their glutes as well as toning their abs.


During Level II, we will focus on firing off the glutes and hamstrings so that we stimulate growth. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of functional form. Now that we have the body properly conditioned, we can implement an interval training aspect of glute and ab development. The client will also be introduced to intense resistance training through the use of bands. We will implement more weight training in this level, however the amount of weight will normally be performed at about 50-60 percent of a client’s max all while keeping the volume at a moderate to “lower” high level. We will also increase the intensity levels of the client’s abdominal exercises by incorporating some resistance into the abdominal training. We are now preparing the core to be able to handle force or work load.


During Level III, we will now focus on power so that the client is able to acquire more loads during their workouts. We will also increase the frequency of the super sets so that we be keeping the heart rate elevated. Tempo will be a major focus of this program, including powerful, quick contractions and slower eccentric movements (lowering portion of the exercise). Now that the client has developed more stability and power we will implement a lot of plyometric movements so that we are able to fire off the stabilization muscles because the body will be highly depended on them during level IV.


During Level IV, we will increase the workload and overall intensity of the exercises to really emphasize growing the client’s glutes and synching in their waist from a tight core. The volume will vary depending on the workload, i.e. lower volume for heavier compound lifts, higher volume for lighter, isolation exercises. The core movements will also vary depending on workload. We will add weighted core exercises so that the abdominal area can display deep muscle tone. During Level IV the client will now notice the full development of the glutes and we will be able to show the client the differences in their hip to waist ratio by comparing and contrasting the pictures from Level I.

Level Up - Fitness for life

We’re here to take athletes and individuals to the highest possible level of fitness and performance.

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