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Poor health of employees can take a considerable toll on the core business of companies. It decreases funds and diminishes the overall productivity. It’s also the main cause of absenteeism and on-the-job accidents.

There are many key contributors that affect the poor health of employees. These unhealthy behaviors and conditions include obesity, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, stress, and smoking. The positive is, most of the contributors to these conditions are preventable and changeable.

The reality is that they can only be prevented if the employees choose to make a change to the behaviors that cause the poor health. The key is to provide the assistance employees need to help decide to make those changes.

The greatest benefit you can provide employees and their families is the benefits of a company Health and Wellness plan. This simple benefit will create an overall healthy culture by providing employees with the education, encouragement and motivation necessary to making healthy lifestyle changes. In turn, it will benefit the company in reaching minimum health costs and maximum productivity.


The majority of a companies health care spending is driven by the employee’s unhealthy lifestyle behaviors:

  • Poor Nutrition
  • Inactivity-Lack of Exercise
  • Stress
  • Alcohol & Tobacco Use
These unhealthy lifestyle behaviors will soon lead to serious illnesses:
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke
COMPANY BENEFITS:Why Start a Health and Wellness Program

Reducing employees unhealthy behaviors such as smoking, inactivity and excess stress can significantly reduce the rising costs of healthcare and increase productivity. These unhealthy lifestyle factors lead to absenteeism, increased health claims, retention and chronic and costly illnesses.

  • Increases employee utilization and productivity
  • Reduces absenteeism-Fewer sick days
  • Employee retention
  • Decreases injuries and health claims
  • Lowers healthcare costs
  • Lowers chronic illnesses
CHANGING EMPLOYEE BEHAVIORS:Health & Wellness Program Solutions

Take the First Step to achieving a Healthier and Productive Staff! Employee behaviors can be changed! But getting employees to change can be a challenge. Level Up Fitness Jax can help with this challenge.

It starts with incorporating a workplace program designed to motivate employees to positive change. Taking the initiative in helping employees make positive changes in their lifestyles will be an added benefit to the overall productivity of the company.

Level Up Fitness Jax Provides:

  • Exercise & Nutritional Coaching
  • Seminars
  • Team Building Events
  • Fitness Evaluations/Risk Assessments
  • Corporate Membership Discounts
  • State of the Art Facility
Level Up Fitness Jax BENEFITS:Health & Wellness Program Solutions

Exercise Coaching

Our Certified Coaches will assess current individual fitness and motivation levels. Then work with the Member to develop an obtainable and realistic fitness plan to reach their overall goals. The Coach identifies the best exercises to optimize the results for each Member. They will monitor progress, provide suggestions and encourage the Member for effective results. To overcome obstacles or break through plateaus, the Coach will manipulate the fitness plan as needed.

Level Up Fitness Jax BENEFITS:Health & Wellness Program Solutions

Nutritional Coaching

No matter if the goal is to lose 10 pounds or a complete lifestyle change to manage ailments like diabetes or heart disease, the Nutrition Coach has the resources to get you where you need to be. The Coach will perform an initial assessment and work with the Member to set realistic and achievable goals. The Coach will develop a sustainable nutrition plan that will help reach the goals in a healthy way.

The Coach will assistance with portion sizes, meal planning, cooking suggestions, along with
suggestions for overcoming obstacles. The Coach will provide ongoing follow-up, coaching and encouragement.

Level Up Fitness Jax:Health & Wellness Program Solutions

Corporate Membership Package

Based off 8 more Employees

$25 a session per employee

Minimum 8 per month, maximum 12 per month

Package includes:

  • 3 Complimentary Personal Training Sessions
  • $25 Guaranteed Rate Lock
  • Fitness coaching
  • FREE Saturday classes
  • Nutritional guidance
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