Full 3D Body Scanning – For Your Health & Your Life

It is hard to feel motivated to exercise regularly, especially if you are making it up as you go along. What if you could have a precise 360 degree scan of your body and use that information to personalize your fitness regimen–the perfect fit? In less than a minute, the Fit3D Proscanner can capture your full body scan and create a database of information about you with hundreds of body measurements–metrics–including circumferences, lengths, contours, widths, surface areas, and volumes, and then, analyze your body shape and posture with an understanding of shifts, tilts, and rotations from your head to your ankles. The proprietary algorithms designed into the scanner software analyze your body composition and provide a comprehensive body-shape wellness assessment just for you.

Body surface imaging technology, three-dimensional scanning, is the most direct measurement of body fat you can have without taking an MRI. Using touch-free, self-guided, non-invasive digital cameras, body scanning captures surface data of an individual and renders an exact three-dimensional model. This is accomplished with harmless infrared light that reflects off the body, but is invisible to the eye. The individual must wear form-fitting clothing and stand on a rotating platform with arms stretched out and hands in fists. The scan takes about 40 seconds (one full rotation) while the image is being rendered. Precise digital measurements of the surface of the body such as volume and surface area are used to calculate body composition, localized fat and lean mass, and analyze posture and balance.

Your first scan sets the benchmark. Working with a trained fitness professional in a full-service fitness environment at Level Up Fitness, you will immediately review your new digital model on a computer screen where measurements, musculature volume, body fat composition, and other metrics will be visually displayed along with your digital avatar. Using this information, we can help you to target your personal fitness goals whether it is weight loss, strength training or proportional streamlining. Now, you have a fitness profile and an action plan. Subsequent scans will allow you to monitor the changes in your body shape and dimensions as your body responds to your new fitness regimen. By comparing overlapping sections of your body from scan to scan, you can see for yourself exactly how and where your body is changing. You can access your data on any device to track the evolutions of your body and measure improvements. Administrators and fitness professionals will review your action plan regularly to ensure a continuing perfect fit for you.

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